Add-ons for Windows version


Theme Switcher Add-on v2  (40 MB) 

Lets you change the look of AmiKit! Each theme consists of startup images, wallpapers, window borders and launcher graphics.
Requirement: AmiKit 1.5.0 or higher.

The Theme Sitcher v2 contains five themes:
Eco Green - default AmiKit 1.5 theme by Ken Lester.
Classic Blue - default AmiKit 1.4 theme by Ken Lester.
Spotted - default AmiKit 1.0 theme by dragonslayer55 and Crusader. Modified by Ken Lester.
Keys Green - theme by Andreas Argirakis Adjusted by Ken Lester.
Keys Blue - theme by Andreas Argirakis  Adjusted by Ken Lester.



ArtiGames Add-on 0 (58 MB)

34 games for your AmiKit! Once installed, the games can be found in AmiKit:Games/Arti folder.
All games ported to Amiga by Artur Jarosik The games are released under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE



Tales of Tamar Add-on  (109 MB, demo) 

Tales of Tamar is a turn based massive multiplayer game. Thousands of players can play with and against each other on a fantasy world. Players send their turns to the server using the software client, the server computes the results and sends them back to the player. The fun is in interacting with the other players. Each player in this role playing game takes the role of the sovereign leader of a country and has to build from the small village to a large realm. You can trade, wage wars and use any diplomatic measure imaginable.
Credits: Eternity Entertainment Software



Real3D Add-on  (5,94 MB) screenshot

The latest full version of famous Amiga ray-tracing and animation program, version 3.5. The add-on also contains full version of Phenomena, the advanced particle animation system plugin for Real3D. We offer a great discount if you're interested in buying the modern version of Real3D for other platforms.

- Realsoft Graphics for providing us with permission to re-distribute their Real3D product for free
- Delta Knowledge for providing us with permission to re-distribute their Phenomena product for free
- Miloslaw Smyk for free wfmhcybergfx_r3d.library
- Ken Lester for DualPNG icons
- GHH for help with Real3D settings


Engine Update for AmiKit 1.5.x  (6,23 MB)

Upgrades the emulation engine of your standalone AmiKit 1.5.x installation and fixes the compatibility with new Amiga Forever releases.
IMPORTANT: DO NOT USE THIS UPDATE IF you installed AmiKit using the Amiga Forever Player. In this case the update it is not necessary.

 What does this package do?
-updates the emulation engine and other core files of your standalone AmiKit 1.5.x installation (NOT the one installed by Amiga Forever Player!)
-fixes the installation compatibility of AmiKit 1.5.0 installer and new Amiga Forever releases. Simply install AmiKit 1.5.0 first, cancel the RomFind search and finish the install procedure (do not run AmiKit). Then install this package, run the RomFind program, install the ROMs and run AmiKit. Now you can select Amiga Forever as a source of system files for your AmiKit again.



All the add-ons are provided as Windows executable installers which are fully automated.
Just make sure the installer points to correct path (eg. C:\Program Files\AmiKit).
Also note that these executables DO NOT work with hardfiles.

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