Known Bugs


If you have problems with downloading or installing the integrated AmiKit using the Amiga Forever 2009 Player, please check the following link for possible solution.

If WinUAE cannot find the ROM file on startup, try to move the "ROMs" folder from AmiKit\ to AmiKit\WinUAE\ folder.

Drag & Drop copying in Directory Opus Magellan might freeze the system if you doubleclick the desktop icons while the copying is still in progress.

PlayCD installed by BoingBag2 crashes. Please use the version supplied with AmigaOS3.9 CD.

It is reported that PageStream4 does not work correctly with AmiKit. This is probably caused by AfA_OS.

 Jabberwocky 1.7 crashes on exit. Either downgrade to older version 1.5.2 or try the newest 1.8 beta serie available at Jabberwocky homepage.

FIXED SINCE AMIKIT 1.3.3: If the following error requester keeps popping up ("The following required GUI classes could not be opened...") on each startup of AmiKit, please use non TrueType version of LimpidClock (located in WBStartup/Disabled drawer) or disable the Limpidclock completely.

FIXED SINCE AMIKIT 1.4.0: microgolded reports error message when saving changes to Startup-Sequence. Please ignore the message as the changes are saved anyway.

FIXED SINCE AMIKIT 1.4.0: If you installed WinUAE 1.4.0 or newer version and your AmiKit refuses to boot correctly, please follow this link for more information.

FIXED SINCE AMIKIT 1.4.0: If you are using Windows Vista you should go to the WinUAE site and download version 1.3.4 or newer before running the emulator. Also Windows Vista may give you some problems due to its strict policy about altering files inside the Program Files directory. To avoid this it might help to use the file explorer and select the Program Files/AmiKit folder and change the permissions (both from the main properties page and under the Advanced section) so that all processes have full permissions to the AmiKit folder and subforlders. Another, and maybe easier way to solve this, is to change the destination into eg. C:\AmiKit during the installation of AmiKit. Another thing that might happen under Vista is that WinUAE crashes just after startup, and Vista complains about some programs are not compatible with the current Color scheme, and that it need to be set to Basic. Normally AmiKit will run without problems next time you start it.

FIXED SINCE AMIKIT 1.4.0: It seems that WinUAE has problem with dual core CPUs that results in random hangs of AmiKit during its startup or shortly after. Please download and use the latest version of WinUAE to fix the problem. It is enough to copy WinUAE.exe to AmiKit\WinUAE\ directory. Another solution is to disable JIT in WinUAE/CPU settings - however the emulation will be very slow without JIT.

FIXED SINCE AMIKIT 1.4.0: It's been reported that 1280x800 screen mode is not compatible with all the monitors (maybe other screenmodes are affected as well). As a result you won't be able to boot AmiKit even though the installation was successful. If this happens please re-install AmiKit and select another screenmode. [more info]


For more information, questions & answers and bug reports please check the FAQ or visit the AmiKit Support Forum. Thank you.

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